Meme face fuck sticker
  • Meme face fuck sticker
  • Meme face fuck sticker
  • Meme face fuck sticker

Meme face fuck sticker


Quantité :

1 sticker autocollant

dimension approximative :

1 sticker L 11 cm X H 10 cm

Color: White

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These decals are not just prints, but stickers made from premium quality, mass-colored vinyl.

This manufacturing technique gives the stickers exceptional resistance to weather, UV and hydrocarbons, as well as the possibility of varnishing.

The stickers are fully contoured and cut without background, which allows to obtain a personalized background color according to the chosen support.

They come with a transparent transfer film for easy application on all smooth, clean and degreased surfaces, whether furniture, windows, household appliances, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc.

The many photos presented on the site are only suggestions for poses, and it is important to take into account the exact dimensions of the stickers mentioned in the advertisement to choose the appropriate size.

However, if the proposed dimensions are not suitable, it is possible to contact us to obtain a quote for a personalized dimension.

In short, these high quality Harley Davidson stickers are an ideal choice to personalize your motorcycle while ensuring long-lasting resistance.

Data sheet

premium quality adhesive vinyl
5 years in bad weather
weather resistant
UV resistant
Yes, exceptional resistance to UV rays
Oil resistant
Yes, our stickers have remarkable resistance to hydrocarbons.
Yes, it is quite possible to varnish your stickers.
Easy installation
Our decals feature a transfer film to simplify their application process.