Here are some rules to apply for the installation of your sticker in good conditions:

The ideal laying temperature is between 15°C and 25°C (minimum 10°C). Do not stick your sticker on a support that is too hot or too cold, you risk missing your installation. If your support is too cold, heat it with a hair dryer. Do not do your installation on a support that is too hot, and especially not in direct sunlight.

If your sticker has taken on moisture, wait until it is completely dry before using it, as you risk tearing its original support when removing the sticker.

Before installing your sticker, it is imperative to thoroughly clean, degrease and dry your support. Even if your surface seems clean, degreasing is necessary to guarantee optimal adhesion over time.

Roll (from the center to the edges) your sticker using a small plastic squeegee or a bank card so that your sticker sticks perfectly to the applicator film, and gently peel off your sticker from its original support.

The optimal adhesion of the sticker is obtained after 24 hours of contact with your support.

After applying your sticker, it may be that if your support has been poorly cleaned or is not very suitable for sticking your sticker, that when you remove the applicator film, your sticker comes off your support and remains stuck to the applicator film. In this case, re-maroufle and wait a few hours for the glue to obtain its optimal performance, and you can remove your applicator film without difficulty.